Israel is preparing to deport asylum seekers

The High court in Israel has accepted the request of the government for more time to establish the state policies on removing asylum-seekers from the country. The deportation of African immigrants was delayed till after Passover. The request for the extension is to give more time to outline the state deportation, in which the date was shifted from its original date of March 26 to April 9.

Some exception might also be considered by giving refugee status to Sudanese migrants as well as 300 migrant from Darfur. In this request made by the state of Israel, the Supreme Court has frozen the deportation activities in mid-March in response to the petition. The migrants were notified on January 1st by the Immigration Authority that they must return to their country or to a third nation, and if not adhered to the instruction, they will be sent to jail until they are deported.

According to Israeli media reports, more than 20,000 people participated in the protest in the center of the coastal city, including many migrants.

The Israeli government has announced that is deporting up to 40,000 refugees, mainly from Eritrea and Sudan, to African third countries. Until the end of March, they had the opportunity to leave voluntarily with a sum of 2,800 euros. All who are still in the country from April 1 will be imprisoned. Some of them have been in the country for years without documents. The plan initially applies to single men who have not yet applied for asylum or whose application has been rejected.

Women, children, fathers of children and any migrants that have been seen as a victim of slavery or human trafficking will not be issued a notice of deportation and also those who have submitted a request for asylum by the end of 2017.

Author: Tais

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