Canada is calling to welcome more African and Israeli immigrants

Canada has been named as the top destination since the agreement between Israel and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), as Israel was poised to hold the deportation of African migrants.

The departure of 16,250 Eritreans and Sudanese to other countries through sponsorship, resettlements, family reunification and Labour Migration has been facilitated by the agreement between the UNHCR with Israel for a halt to “non-voluntary relocation policy”. Canada is on the top of the list for African immigrants as the deal was struck but later suspended between Israel and UN migration agency. The immigrants from Eritrea, both men and women had held a silent protest against the deportation policy over thousands of migrants in Israel.

Israeli Prime minister has made a statement that some developed countries would welcome and resettle the refugees, countries such as Italy, Germany, and Canada. The Prime Minister, Netanyahu said in a Facebook post that he is suspending the implementation of the policy to consult with his officials.

Canada has raised concerns over the mass deportation and condemns the Israeli government.

Canada has been urged to open its door to more African migrants by UNHCR representative in Ottawa, Jean-Nicholas Beuze. He added that Canada has had an agreement to resettle (thousands) this year, but they have not made any commitment yet while it is being discussed. Bueze also wants to increase the number of sponsored spots for vulnerable refugees such as LGBT or those with medical needs, but Netanyahu has declined the deal with the UN after he made a statement on Canada resettling some of them.

The Canadian prime minister of Immigration, Ahmed Hussein, announced that the government reached an agreement with Israeli Authorities at the beginning of this year to suspend the deportation or detention of mass migrants. The statistic has it that 1,845 applications are in progress as of late last year. No commitment has been made till now in order to increase the number of Sudanese and Eritrean coming from Israel.

Asylum seekers have been labeled as “illegal infiltrator” by Netanyahu, suggesting they are seeking job opportunities rather than refugee protection.

The Founder of Canadian Helping Asylum Seekers in Israel wants the federal government to eliminate the barriers that hinder the steps to facilitate private refugee sponsorship, for the safety of those who are still under the agreement with Israeli authority.

Author: Tais

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