United Nation Conference to generate AID for Syrian Refugees

Just half of what is needed has been raised out of what the United Nations wants to use as support for the refugees.

The two major contributors of aid, Germany, and The United Kingdom has been alarmed of growing needs, at an international conference which has the main focus on raising aid for Syrian victims.

The Brussels II summit that was co-organised by European Union with The United Nations generated $4.4 billion USD, which is not up to what the organizers have proposed, between $7 to $8 billion USD.

Mack Lowcock, The United Nations Humanitarian chief has thanked the European Union, Britain, and Germany who made large contributions, appreciating it to be a good start though it will be saved for the desperate cases. He told the reporters that they are talking about a huge sum of money here as he predicted that the funding will grow further. They put the need of those who are vulnerable as of more importance. Those present at the conflict decries the conference did not expand its ability enough to provide the support needed.

The increasing needs of men, women, and children means that donor countries weariness should not set in as the crisis enters its 8th year, this statement was jointly said by charity CARE, IRC, Mercy Corps, NRC, Save the Children, Oxfam, Humanity, Action Against Hunger and World Vision. The conference has not lived up to expectation by providing the adequate support to the millions of Syrians that needed assistance and those whose future looks very uncertain.

The Organisations have also claimed that the donor countries have not done anything to increase the resettlement of 3% of the Syrian refugees they accepted but left them in Syria’s neighboring countries. With over two million refugees, Lebanese Prime minister Saad Hariri said the situation of Syrians is getting worse.

As the condition is deteriorating, Lebanon still continues to be a big refugee camp.

Author: Tais

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