Canada or Australia?

Are you thinking about migrating? What comes to your mind about moving to another country or continent? If this question bothers you, and you have a reason to move from one place to another in search of a better life, job, breakthrough or education, maybe you should consider one of these countries: Canada and Australia.
These two different countries have a similar migration pattern that might suit your choice. Even if Canada is on one side of the world while Australia is literally on the other side.

Two popular destinations will be compared with significant factors that drive migration. With this, you can weigh your option very carefully.


At this point, we are comparing Australia’s Skilled Independent program (subclass 189) and Canada’s Federal Skilled worker (FSW) program.

This program is for new immigrants who have skilled work experience.

It does not need the applicants to have a connection to the terms of the work, such as experience, education experience or job offer. So it is an excellent choice as a qualified skilled worker from any country. The result of these program ends in permanent resident status. Which allow the holders to leave and enter the country as they wish.


The essential requirement for Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker program require the applicants to have at least a year of full time working experience. The skilled work experience required at any job is defined by National Occupational Classification (NOC)  Skill level 0, A or B.

Also, Australia’s Skilled Independent Program requires the candidate to prove their qualification to make them eligible to Australian Immigration.


Both Canada and Australia’s Program uses the points-assessment to determine if applicants are eligible for migration. This assessment point is taken from age, language proficiency, education, and work experience as an essential factor. With Canada’s program you must score a minimum of 67 points out of 100, while in Australia, the minimum score is 60 points out of 135

Maximum Points per Factor
Age 30 12
Language Proficiency 20 28
Foreign Work Experience 15 15
In-Country Work Experience 20 10
Education 25 25
Other Factors 20 10
Passing Score 60 67

Any applicants that meet these requirements are eligible to submit interest in the program but does not guarantee migration; it is the first step in the process.


Canada’s application on Federal Skilled Worker is managed within the express Entry as an applicant who meets the minimum 67 points required are eligible to create an online Express Entry profile, the Express Entry acts as Expression of Interest in Canadian immigration. After the creation of Express entry profile, scores are assigned called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) which is out of 1200 points. The Express Entry System is valid for a year in which the candidate can resubmit if not selected. Around every 14 days, The Canadian Government Conduct Express entry draw where candidate are selected and are given the Permanent residency status.

The Australia process for Australian Skilled Independent visa program is similar to Canada’s Express Entry system. The applicant that meets the minimum requirement of 60 points must submit the Expression of Interest (EOI) through Australia’s online system and do not have secondary skill points. Invitations are issued twice per month by the Australian immigration. Applicants with the highest ranking EOIs will be invited to apply, in which those who submitted earlier will have more advantage for selection. The EOI is valid for two years.

After the invitation is received, 60 days is given to the candidate to submit an official application for permanent residency in Australia. If successful, the applicant gets the permanent residency for themselves and their family members


For Canada’s federal Skilled Workers program, the charges are $1040 CAD per adult with $150 per child and some other costs may be included during the immigration process. The duration of 80% of the application process is 6months, while the Australian independent Skilled Charges AU$ 3670 for an adult applicant, an additional of AU$ 1835 for spouse or partner and $900 per child. The duration of 75% of the application process is 8 months.

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