Tips for immigrating to Canada

There is some certain choice that suits the migration pattern of people. Some migrants are in search of beginning a new life, while some move due to a search of a job or to continue their education, these are some various ways to migrate below:


This form of migration is basically introduced by the Canadian Government, it governs all federal pattern of economic migration by applying through the management system where thousands of candidate have been invited to apply for Canadian permanent residency with their family.

The Federal skilled worker(FSW), Canadian Experience Class(CEC) and Federal Skilled Trade Program(FSTP) are under the jurisdiction of the Express entry, also there are some of the Provincial Nominee Program is attached with the Express entry program.

For the applicants to apply, they must first submit Expression of interest (EOI). Then the applicant has to meet the eligibility of the program before being invited to the Express entry pool after which the candidate is given a comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) score. The invitation to apply is issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) where the successful applicant is required to submit an online application for permanent residency within 90 days.


Ten provinces and three territories in Canada has authority over its own immigration programs and policies, they are called Provincial Nominee Programs.

To be determined as an eligible candidate. applicant must have been:

  1. A recent worker in Canada or possesses a valid work permit.
  2. Is an eligible candidate in the express entry with one of the Provincial Nominee Programs.
  3. The applicant has a family member in the province, to increase the chances.


Quebec is one of the provinces in Canada, with more autonomy in running its own immigration programs and policies. Quebec is not attached to the Express Entry, the applicant must apply directly to Quebec as Quebec Experience Class, Quebec Skilled Worker Program or Quebec business Immigration.

There is a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ)  which is a notification for a successful candidate accepted by Quebec government. After the candidate is submitted to the federal government for review in order to check medical and criminal event of the applicant before admitting anyone to Canada.


The study process can be one of the best ways to migrate to Canada if an applicant is not eligible for the above.

Studying in Canada make someone eligible for permanent residency with the credential an immigrant acquires through the study program. Your study program currently bridges the gap of student temporary to Canadian Permanent Residency.

To study in Canada can amplify your chance of being accepted for an immigration program.


Another way of immigrating to Canada, and the second largest class of Canadian immigration, this process is when someone who has a family that is currently a Canadian permanent resident or citizen, they are allowed to bring you to Canada.

Applicant can migrate to Canada through SPOUSAL SPONSORSHIP whereby a couple is a married or conjugal relationship, you can be sponsored down to Canada by your partner through the inland or outland Spousal Sponsorship, either you are currently residing in or outside Canada, The decision to be accepted is based on proving how genuine is your relationship with your partner.

If an applicant has a child who is 18 years or older and can financially buoyant to support the applicant to come over to Canada, they can help through the Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship program. This is done on a lottery-style where an applicant who is interested fills an interest to sponsor form within this period when the program is opened. IRCC randomly select 10,000 candidates and invites them to apply.

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