Studying in Ireland – How To Get a Visa

There are some visa options for those who want to live in Ireland. It is possible to stay in the country legally as an English student, with higher education or postgraduate and master’s degree or with a work visa. The most well-known and common is an English student visa. For this, you must book a course in one of the government-accredited schools. Usually, schools sell short courses, but the most sought after is the six-month class package plus two months of vacation, totaling eight months of stay in the country. With this visa it is possible to live in Ireland for 2 years, renewing the visa every eight months twice.

A second option for those who want to live in Ireland is to attend college, graduate or master’s degree. Unfortunately, the courses on the island are not the cheapest but the country has renowned universities located in Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Cork, the main cities.
An administration course can cost from € 3 thousand, but other courses can reach up to € 15 thousand per year.

With the student visa, it is possible to work 20 hours a week during the class period and up to 40 hours a week in the months specified by the government that are from 15 to December to 15 January and from June to September. But for this, you need to be on vacation from school. The minimum wage currently paid in Ireland is € 9.55 an hour (2019). Most companies have followed these rules rigidly, since the fine for those who do not comply with the laws is high, and can still lead to the deportation of the student who is in breach of the law.

Visa to work in Ireland

Work visas are the most searched among non-European citizens who want to live in Ireland. It is also the one with the most bureaucratic process. To get this visa you need to file an immigration form with a company. The company must announce the vacancy publicly and prove that no European citizen is eligible for the vacancy, in addition to fees to be paid and various other points assessed by the Irish government for the visa to be approved.
The most common jobs are in the area of Technology. Dublin is also known as the European Silicon Valley.

Finding accommodation in Ireland

Check the websites below to find a room or an apartment to rent in Ireland:

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