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We have collected some free resume templates for non-skilled employers. This is based on the German dual educational system including vocational training. We have chosen the templates in English, because in most job-offers for not recognized workers, you don’t need German language skills.

If you need a Resume/ CV in German, feel free to contact us. We have many professionals who know how to write and edit resumes.

For skilled workers with a degree requiring a vocational training occupation, the resumes have to include the recognition of your degree. Furthermore, employers in Germany have belief in these certificates from vocational training as they are proof that the future employee has acknowledged the high-quality standards of the working area. 

There are at least 300 registered occupations Germany, that require vocational training.

Testing and certificates are standardized in all industries and may only vary between different federal states (“Bundesländer”).

That’s the challenging story of most immigrants, the delivery guy, that owns a PhD in his home country but doesn’t get recognition. Most immigrants have to start from scratch. Not mentioning the challenges for refugees.

The German vocational training system

As we are focusing on Germany, the following information is about the german vocational training and educational system also called the dual system, which seems to be very acknowledged worldwide. Students are going to school part-time and the other part they learn on the job in their future occupation at a company. This means you get a real-life working atmosphere and you are not drowning in theoretical education all the time. Switzerland and Austria have similar systems. In Switzerland, the wages are even more solid for people with vocational training (Ausbildung). Back to Germany.

The main characteristic is the cooperation between firms, on the one hand, and publicly funded, specialized on the dual system: vocational schools (“Berufsschulen”) on the other hand. This cooperation is regulated by legislation.

One Ausbilung (vocational training) takes two to three-and-a-half years. Usually the two years you can attend over the Jobcenter, then it’s called “Umschulung”. You should know, that the Jobcenter usually only supports vocational training in highly demanded jobs, e.g. like nursing, or job mechanics. Probably you won’t get support for a request to become an audio-designer. This you can try in private and apply at companies who cooperate with schools and offer an Ausbilung.

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The following resume examples are in Germany for skilled employers. With a vocational training degree.

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