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How immigration can make some UK-born residents feel worse off even if they aren’t – new research

Peter Howley, University of Leeds Worries about the effects of immigration are prevalent in politics across Europe and the US. In the UK, for instance, concerns over immigration dominate much of the Brexit debate. For many, immigrants are seen as a source of competition for jobs and access to public services (irrespective of whether this is true or not). Despite

3.3 billion people are still ruled by autocracy

Bertelsmann Stiftung study Since 2004, more than 250 experts from all over the world have collected data on the state of democracy, human rights, the economic situation and the performance of the state apparatus in 129 countries. In many countries, heads of state are building their power without restraint, weakening the rule of law, gobbling up the media. Turkey, neighboring

Canada is calling to welcome more African and Israeli immigrants

Canada has been named as the top destination since the agreement between Israel and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), as Israel was poised to hold the deportation of African migrants. The departure of 16,250 Eritreans and Sudanese to other countries through sponsorship, resettlements, family reunification and Labour Migration has been facilitated by the agreement between the UNHCR

Brexit – All you need to know about the United Kingdom leaving European Union

What is Brexit? Brexit is a short form for the agitation of Britain to be secluded from the European Union. It is a compound word coined from the words “Britain” and “Exit”. In a June 23, 2016, a historical event took place in Europe. The Britain voted for a British exit from the European Union. The voting comprised of those

1,600 detained immigrants to be sent to the prison by US authorities

Spokeswoman of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has said that five federal jails will take in arrested immigrants as they wait for civil immigration court hearings. United state authorities are relocating 1600 detainees into federal prisons. It is the first large-scale use of federal prison to keep detainee people that are immigrating into the country illegally. The ICE spokeswomen said

Trump To Reverse Border Policy Due To Melania And Ivanka’s Pressure

Donald Trump has refused the United States of becoming a migrant camp or a refugee holding facility. Melania and Ivanka told him privately that he has a problem that needs to be addressed and that the policy isn’t working well on “Zero tolerance.” The rapid changes in the immigration policy made by Trump have resulted in persuasion by close family