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    Hi, I'm Taís.
    Email: tais@migrationalist.com
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    Hi, I'm Daniel.
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Someone once said that people were born to travel, to explore, to discover because if not, then we would have had roots instead of feet. We wholeheartedly believe in this statement. We believe that migration is resourceful yet challenging.
We all have our reasons. We all felt accepted and rejected.
Immigrating changes your perspective towards everything. All the prejudices against others are either destroyed or will worsen. It’s about balancing the toughest of human experiences. You learn new social skills, you learn how to live and navigate in a new place.

That’s why we at Migrationalist want to provide solutions on different topics. Migrationalist is a multi-purpose project:

  • Employment agency: Handpicked job-offers, application support.
  • Service agency: Connecting service demands and providers.
  • Information and Data gathering
  • Community and networking

We do the hard work, our network of professionals is growing daily.

Feel free to ask to join us, if you can contribute to some of the services we offer. FOr now we are focusing on Germany, but we are also connected already worldwide, some of our contributors are in Brazil.

Everyone appreciates honesty and transparency especially when it’s an e-business. We are glad to be of any help.

We are a group of immigrant friends who met in Berlin, Germany, and we love to connect and contribute to society.